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Endo Black 2019 Photoshoot

About Me

Where to start…? I am a Survivor, a Women’s Health & Cultural Humility Advocate, an Author, a Speaker, a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a “Bonus Mom”…and most importantly a Woman that created this blog as a self-care tool to share my Life & Style, joy & pain, health challenges & experiences that have brought love & light into my world through inspiration, events, & decor. Oh yeah, with some Self-care tips, Motivation and Encouragement, Fashion & Decor Inspiration, and an encouraging community for supportive women sprinkled in there too. 


This blog is a dynamic and ever-evolving outlet for me, so be kind as I am a work in progress – like my blog :). So embrace and share what you can! I would love to hear from you! Stay tuned as this blog grows and brings you Good Vibes Only… xoxo 

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